Lego Ninjago Battlecase - Green

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Lego Ninjago Battlecase - Green

Where can you find the ultimate masters of Spinjitzu? In the LEGO® Ninjago Battle Case! This battle case double as both a storage case for the Ninjago masters to hide in as well as the supreme battle arena! When it's time to fight, chose between fire and ice for your showdown.

The explosive artwork adds another level of theatre to the masters of Spinjitzu. When the victor is determined and all must return to their layer for another night of fighting in the shadows, store your Ninjago figures, spinners, weapons and cards all away neatly in the LEGO® Ninjago Battle Case!

Keep your Ninjago masters at your side at all times - you never know when the swish of a cloak behind you will mean it's time to go! LEGO® Bricks and accessories not included.

For ages 3+

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