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4 July 2018

NEW - SI-DAN System Guns

SI-DAN System Guns are here, and they are the future of Custom LEGO Guns! Choose from either the MPX5, MX4, MX5 or SCAR Guns as your base, then Customise it with a whole range of Gun Parts and Accessories. We’ve got Short Barrels, Carbine Barrels, Barrels with Torch Attachments, Iron Sights, Long Range Scopes, Stocks, Folding Stocks, and a variety of Gun Clips. All of the Gun Bodies and parts come in different colours to allow you to fully make it your own!  There are countless part and colour combinations to choose from to create the ultimate weapons for your LEGO Minifigures! For extra playability we’ve also got a selection of SGX17 Guns, complete with a movable and removable slider! So Grab your LEGO Minifigs some Custom LEGO Parts and Guns today, but be sure to keep a look out for new parts, colours and Gun Bodies! Check out our full range of SI-DAN System Guns.

NEW - SI-DAN System Guns

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posted by FireStar Toys
1 December 2010

Nanoblocks - Amazing micro sized miniature fun!

Nanoblocks are now available in store and we're very excited to be one of the first to stock this fantastic construction toy system from Japan.

Nanoblocks at www.firestartoys.com         Nanoblocks at www.firestartoys.com

With Nanoblocks small really is beautiful! Nanoblocks are amazingly small micro sized building blocks with the smallest size brick at just 4X4mm! Building at this scale allows you to create models with more complexity and detail which is perfect for all construction toy enthusiasts.

Nanodots at www.firestartoys.com           Nanodots at www.firestartoys.com

To give you an idea of scale, they are approx 1/8 the size of standard construction toy bricks. However, these miniature building bricks are very precise thanks to a very clever double-ridged backing system which makes creating your miniature models very easy.

Initially we have four of the most popular sets to choose from and we're looking to stock over twenty different sets from early 2011.

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posted by FireStar Toys
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