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March 2012

30 March 2012

LEGO Friends Minifigures

Meet LEGO’s newest Friends! Join Mia, Emma, Andrea, Stephanie and Olivia and follow them in their adventures in and around Heart Lake City. The city features a heart-shaped lake and lots of amazing places to hang out and explore. Meet your favourite LEGO Minifigure Friends at the cafe for a quick bite and a drink, look after your dogs and take them to the vet or spend the afternoon having fun in Olivia’s tree house.

Each friend has her own inidividual personality:



Her favourite colour is green, just like her outlook on life. This redhead loves sports, working outside, camping, vegetarian food and would love to be a vet or work with animals in some capacity.



Emma wants to be a clothes designer and knows exactly how to make things look good. She’s the goto girl for makeovers and loves making things, from jewellery to origami. You can usually find her at the beauty salon or in her design studio.

LEGO Andrea


She’s just fanatical about music and it’s her dream to be a musician. She’ll sing her songs just about anywhere from the cafe to the theatre. Loves spicy food, milkshakes and talent shows. Vibrant!

LEGO Stephanie

LEGO Stephanie

Ultra-social Stephanie loves planning events and is so organised, so it makes total sense she wants to be a party planner. She has a soft spot for cupcakes and consequently spends much time in her outdoor kitchen.

LEGO Olivia

LEGO Olivia

Usually wearing at least one thing that’s pink, she loves science, school and inventing things...so we think Olivia is destined to make her dreams a reality and become a scientist or engineer!


Check out our Mini Sets and Minifigure utilities sections for some super cool accessories and parts to build the perfect places for your Friends to hang out!

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22 March 2012

LEGO Super Heroes Minifigures are in town!

LEGO Batman is back!

Accompanied by his friends and the evil villains of Gotham City, the famous Caped Crusader is here once again to save the day with his sidekick Robin. He isn’t the only hero making headlines these days though, as Superman and Wonder Woman are also saving lives with their incredible super powers in the new LEGO theme Super Heroes!

Dressed in his black Dark Knight suit and armed with his arsenal of bat weapons, we certainly wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of LEGO Batman!

LEGO Batman minifigure

The Super Heroes theme sees LEGO Batman kitted out with some awesome wings to accompany his blue suit.

Batman Wings

Batman is never without his Dynamic Duo partner Robin. Dressed in a smart red suit, black mask and cape, LEGO Robin is always ready to use his incredible acrobatic martial arts skills to help Batman fight off the bad guys.

LEGO Robin Minifigure

One of Batman’s most sinister enemies, LEGO Joker is plotting an evil scheme to defeat Batman and get him out of the way for good.

LEGO Joker Minifigure

LEGO Superman is here with his trademark blue suit, red cape and distinctive hairstyle to fly in and save the day! The Super Heroes theme sees him battling against his arch nemesis Lex Luthor who has built a Kryptonite Powered Robot!

LEGO Wonder Woman has been captured by Lex Luthor and his evil Robot! With the help of her super strength, famous golden lasso and her pal Superman, can she escape his evil clutches?


Check out our full range of LEGO Super Heroes Minifigures and create your very own crime fighting world! We also have a fantastic range of LEGO Super Heroes Sets to choose from to give your minifigures the perfect setting.


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13 March 2012

Great new blog dedicated to LEGO Minifigures!

There’s a great new blog catching everyone's attention dedicated entirely to LEGO Minifigures! Our friends over at www.minifigures.com have recently launched their fantastic new site and it's growing rapidly by the day. They feature bio's on all of LEGO’s collectable Minifigure Series and loads of other popular LEGO themes such as Star Wars, City, Harry Potter, and Super Heroes.

Each post features an outline of the character plus key info like when it was released and what sets it appeared in. As well as a wealth of LEGO coverage, all the popular social media apps are integrated, so sharing the content with friends is easier than ever.

It's a great way of keeping informed with all the latest LEGO news and gossip, so check it out!

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5 March 2012

Wedding Themed LEGO!

It's nearly that time of year again when wedding bells start ringing and happy couples everywhere start gearing up for their big day. The hunt for unique and personal gifts for your friends or a way to add a finishing touch to your wedding decorations can seem rather challenging, but look no further as FireStar Toys can help!

No wedding or anniversary is ever truly complete without LEGO! Our Bride and Groom LEGO wedding figures make fantastic and unique table-top and cake decorations and give your friends and relatives the chance to share your special day in a unique, buildable way!

Here are our Custom Design LEGO minifigure Bride and Groom:

At Firestar Toys we offer you the opportunity to customise your Wedding minifigures as you order. Buy your friends a bride and groom that looks like them or give away LEGO look-a-likes as a wedding favour. Get exactly the right look with personalised hair, heads and flowers and make it a minifigure marriage made in brick heaven. 

Simply have a look at our minifigure parts section and choose the parts that you would prefer. Then email us at sales@firestartoys.com when you place your order to let us know what you want and your personalised Wedding minifigures will be sent on their way to you!


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