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April 2011

11 April 2011

Lego Collectable Minifigures Series 3 & 4


In honour of the brand new LEGO series 4 collectable minifigures currently settling in to their new surroundings here at Firestar Toys, we thought we’d take a look at some of our favourite characteristics of the Lego minifigure series 3 and 4 figures.

Rather than taking your chances with a lucky bag, you can pick your favourites from our complete collection!

Series 4 Collectable LEGO Minifigures:


LEGO Artist

Armed only with his paintbrush and pallet, the Artist has a tendency to be gripped with the urge to paint at any moment, on whatever is at hand. Walls, trees, rocks, all get covered with his impressive creations, but no one minds as his paintings are so amazing!



LEGO Crazy Scientist

If it’s mad and sciency, the Crazy Scientist probably had something to do with it. Mixing potions and conjuring up experiments in his spooky laboratory, the Mad Scientist seems to keep failing at his ‘evil’ intentions and creating rather nice things, much to his annoyance.



LEGO Hazmat Guy

Whether it’s mutant chickens or radioactive ooze from somewhere normally not oozing, the Hazmat Guy is who you call. Always a bit worried that his protective suit won’t work, he tends to have a permanent expression of terror, but it never stops him from stepping in and saving the day.


LEGO Hockey Player

This fierce and wild player was born to play Ice Hockey. Rumour has it that the guard on his helmet is not to protect him, but the other players!




LEGO Ice Skater

Prepare to be dazzled by the incredible Ice Skater as she glides over the ice, leaping and spinning to the music.



LEGO Kimono Girl

Never one for getting ready in a hurry, the Kimono Girl is always impeccably dressed in her elaborate kimono and traditional make up.



LEGO Lawn Gnome

The Lawn Gnome can be found happily peaking out from the garden shrubbery with his little hat and fishing rod. Make sure he has a good view though, or he may scurry off on his little legs when your back is turned.




LEGO Musketeer

With his lightning fast sword skills and dashing smile, the Musketeer is always looking for his next opponent to defeat!


LEGO Punk Rocker

Rocking out day and night with his electric guitar turned up to the max, the Punk Rocker lives for music and is always fun to be around, unless you live next door that is!



LEGO Sailor

Whether it’s a knot tying emergency, or some sails that need hoisting, the Sailor is always there to take control. More at home when sailing across the ocean than on dry land, the Sailor lives for fresh sea air and rolling waves.




LEGO Soccer Player

Captain of the Brick Kickers, the Soccer Player is a fast runner and accurate goal scorer, earning him the respect of his teammates.


LEGO Street Skater

It’s almost as if the LEGO City were designed for the Street Skater to practice his breath-taking stunts in. Nothing is too challenging for the Street Skater as he tackles stairs, buildings and even trees in his pursuit of the ultimate stunt.


LEGO Surfer Girl

Always chasing after the tallest waves, the Surfer Girl is happiest when gliding through the water on her surfboard.



LEGO The Monster

Don’t be scared, despite his creepy exterior The Monster just wants to help people out. He may be a little heavy handed at times, causing things to crumble into little plastic bricks, but he’s pretty nifty at rebuilding them.


LEGO Viking

This monster fighting Viking will jump headfirst into any battle with his axe and shield, yelling an ancient Viking war cry. Even the most fearsome serpents and dragons are no match for the Viking.




LEGO Werewolf

The rather fearsome looking Werewolf is actually a bit of a softie. Most of the time he’s just your average LEGO guy, but when a full moon comes around he loves a bit of hole digging and a good game of fetch.



Series 3 Collectable LEGO Minifigures:


LEGO Baseball Player

The Baseball Player is a professional athlete and has many adoring fans. What’s most important to him though is teamwork and giving the crowd an amazing game to watch.





With his mysterious and ancient powers, the Elf can silently travel through the forest for days on end with no rest, avoiding dragons and trolls. It’s not all serious though, as Elves are friendly folk, and love nothing more than sharing their magical secrets.




LEGO Fisherman

For the Fisherman, home is at sea on his little boat, catching giant squid and befriending whales. His camera always seems to run out of battery just at the wrong moment though, so unfortunately no one ever believes his tall tales.





LEGO Gorilla Suit Guy

Is it an actual gorilla, or someone wearing a gorilla suit? Or maybe it’s a gorilla wearing a gorilla suit? But that wouldn’t make any sense.. Whoever it is, the Gorilla Suit Guy can’t get enough of bananas and is often found scaling up buildings and hanging out of trees in the park.



LEGO Hula Dancer

‘Aloha!’ The Hula Dancer can’t think of a better way to spend her days on the beach than to get everyone dancing away and playing maracas until the sun sets.



LEGO Mummy

Ever the practical joker, stay on your guard around the Mummy, or you could find yourself bathing in baked beans, or always putting your shoes on the wrong feet. Armed with his ‘hilarious’ curses, the Mummy loves a laugh, but he doesn’t mean any harm, it’s just how he passes the time!



LEGO Pilot

The Pilot has hundreds of stories to tell of his adventures in the air. If you can just get him to land his plane for five minutes he’ll tell you about the time he accidentally discovered a lost civilisation whilst taking a detour, and even about the time he nipped up to Mars in a rocket.



LEGO Racing Car Driver

When he was growing up, the Racing Car Driver would race almost anything, tricycles, roller blades, space hoppers.... But now he’s a professional, he gets to realise his dreams and race the fastest cars he can get his hands on!


LEGO Rapper

This master of rhythm and rhyme is famous for his ability to rhyme almost anything. He even claims to have made a rap including the word ‘orange’, but for some reason seems rather reluctant to share it with anyone.


LEGO Samurai Warrior

Underneath his steely exterior is a noble and brave warrior. The Samurai Warrior doesn’t have time for frivolous things and rarely cracks a smile, but he will always be there to protect and defend with his incredible sword skills.


LEGO Snowboarder

With a passion for all that’s cold and snowy, the fearless Snowboarder is only really at home when shooting down a mountain at breakneck speeds.



LEGO Space Alien

Armed with a rather muddled map and an Alien to Human dictionary, the Space Alien has every intention of taking over the world and all that. Right after he has visited just one more theme park and done a bit more shopping…


LEGO Space Villain

Only having one eye and one leg won’t stop the Space Villain from his Space Villainy activities. Feared throughout the galaxy and armed with his hypersteel melting nova-ray blaster, even the most high-tec space security won’t keep this guy out.


LEGO Sumo Wrestler

The biggest and strongest in all the land, this Sumo Wrestler has never been defeated. A dedicated professional, he’s a master of Sumo and somewhat of a celebrity. Despite his fame and success for being big and ‘immovable’ the Sumo Wrestler prides himself on healthy eating, and always eats his vegetables.


LEGO Tennis Player

Possibly the greatest tennis star in LEGO history, the Tennis Player tirelessly trains night and day to be the best, hitting the ball back and forth with lightning precision. Her trusty racket is forged from a mysterious and rare meteorite alloy, and never leaves her side.



LEGO Tribal Chief

Never afraid of a challenge, the Tribal Chief spends his days scaling mountains and swimming across rivers in search of the ultimate adventure. Always ready to encourage his tribe to join him, the Tribal Chief is the ultimate leader.

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