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May 2013

13 May 2013

Collectable LEGO Minifigures Series 10 is here!

The latest LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 10 is finally here, with the exciting addition of the super rare LEGO Mr Gold! A minifigure of myths and legends, sparkling glimpses of this elusive minifigure are said to have been spotted at FireStar HQ, but no one knows for sure where he might pop up again next!

As usual we don’t think our serious LEGO fans will want to simply take a chance on which ones they get, so simply pick the ones you want, no finger crossing or luck needed! We’ve also been busy splitting them as individual parts for you, so if you have your eye on a snazzy new accessory or body part you can snap it up without having to buy the whole minifigure!

So here’s the full line up plus a little bit of background info about each little guy/girl/bumblebee...

Mr Gold, Warrior Woman, Decorator, Sad Clown, Roman Commander, Bumblebee Girl, Motorcycle Mechanic, Grandpa, Revolutionary Soldier, Baseball Fielder, Librarian, Sea Captain, Medusa, Skydiver, Trendsetter, Paintball Player, Tomahawk Warrior.


LEGO Mr Gold

Mr Gold

Have you caught a glimpse of the elusive LEGO Mr Gold yet? Rumour has it that he’s been through these parts, but not many people have been lucky enough to spot him. Dressed head to toe in dazzling gold, he is an extremely rare and valuable minifigure so be sure to keep a look out, you never know when he might make an appearance!

LEGO Warrior Woman

Warrior Woman

Not content with sitting back and living a rather dull life of luxury, the LEGO Warrior Woman escaped her royal upbringing and headed into battle with her spear and shield. She loves her new life of danger and excitement and has gained a reputation as a noble and fierce warrior.

LEGO Decorator


The LEGO Decorator holds the extremely important role of LEGO Brick Painter! Making sure each brick is accurately coloured and painting each part evenly with his roller is a skilled task, and the Decorator loves every minute of his job.

LEGO Sad Clown

Sad Clown

It’s easy to feel sorry for the LEGO Sad Clown; he never smiles and wears a perpetually miserable expression. All the other Minifigures have tried to cheer him up with silly dances and jokes, but the Sad Clown always finds a way to see the melancholy in everything. But don’t despair, the Sad Clown is actually happiest when he is the most cheerless, it’s just the way he is!

LEGO Roman Commander

Roman Commander

The LEGO Roman Commander is extremely well prepared, he keeps his armour in tip top condition and his spear extra sharp at all times. He can’t wait to lead the Roman Army into battle and is sure that his finely tuned tactics will lead to victory for the empire. The fact that he only has a single Roman Soldier in his legion is a tad worrying, but he’s sure it will all be ok in the end..

LEGO Bumblebee Girl

Bumblebee Girl

The LEGO Bumblebee Girl decided upon a rather unconventional lifestyle, creating a homemade bee costume and loitering near hives until she was accepted as just ‘one of the bees’. She has a passion for honey and spends her days happily buzzing about with her bee pals, searching out the best flowers for pollen.

LEGO Motorcycle Mechanic

Motorcycle Mechanic

Don’t be alarmed by his rather unkempt appearance, the LEGO Motorcycle Mechanic really knows his stuff when it comes to motorcycles. His tried and proven method of repeatedly bashing bikes with his wrench until they work again is surprisingly effective, if a little damaging to the paintwork...

LEGO Grandpa


LEGO Grandpa loves nothing more than to reminisce about the good ol’ days of LEGO, when bricks came in just one colour and shape. He will grumble profusely about how much better that was than all the sophisticated new-fangled shapes and sizes around today, not to mention the minifigures with all their fancy parts and expressions!

LEGO Revolutionary Soldier

Revolutionary Soldier

The LEGO Revolutionary Soldier is a minifigure of morals and justice and wants equality and freedom for every fellow minifigure. Armed with a musket and sporting his most revolutionary wig,  the Revolutionary Soldier will do what it takes to stand up for the rights of the little guy!

LEGO Baseball Fielder

Baseball Fielder

The LEGO Baseball fielder is never without his lucky mitt and is a skilled player with the ability to catch pretty much anything that comes his way! He loves baseball and is a skilled player, always scanning the sky for potential objects to scoop up in his trusty mitt, whether it’s a baseball, a dropped souvenir from a fan or er, a passing bird..

LEGO Librarian


The LEGO Librarian would love it if everyone else in the world shared her passion for reading, it would be a lot quieter (making it easier to concentrate) for a start! Books take the Librarian away to faraway lands, discovering different cultures, history and having adventures. She loves chatting about what she’s currently reading and is sure to recommend the perfect book to anyone who visits her library.

LEGO Sea Captain

Sea Captain

The LEGO Sea Captain has lived a long and exciting life sailing the oceans and has pretty much seen everything incredible that there is to see! Mythical sea monsters, raging storms, exotic lands, it’s all getting a bit dreary for the Sea Captain...I mean, you’ve seen one giant man eating octopus and you’ve seen them all right?

LEGO Medusa


Don’t look at her hair! Even if it is a cool new style that you’re excited to get your hands on.. Minifigures that look directly at LEGO Medusa's snake hair have the unfortunate experience of turning to stone, which is very inconvenient, but luckily the effects are short lived.

LEGO Skydiver


The Skydiver has all the necessary gear; he’s had the training and is in the air... now all he needs to do is his very first... JUMP! Hang on, actually it’s looking a bit cloudy, that’s not good right? And maybe he should just check his parachute again a few more times first..

LEGO Trendsetter


It’s a big responsibility, setting trends y’know. Like, if everyone wants to go and see the same movie, or eat at her favourite restaurant, there might be no tickets left or tables free for the LEGO Trendsetter by the time she gets there! She loves the attention, but having everyone she meets copy her style is getting a bit annoying!

LEGO Paintball Player

Paintball Player

The LEGO Paintball Player tends to get pretty caught up in the excitement of the game when he plays paintball with his minifigure pals and whilst everyone else is stealthily sneaking around, he’s can’t help letting out whoops of joy.. He has the time of his life, but tends to get hit pretty much straight away!

LEGO Tomahawk Warrior

Tomahawk Warrior

You’d be amazed what you can do with a tomahawk, they aren’t just for fighting you know! When not fulfilling his warrior duties, the LEGO Tomahawk Warrior is finding new ways of utilising his tomahawk, for more fun stuff. It’s proved very useful for slicing pizza, building things and even opening his mail!

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