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May 2015

8 May 2015

Quicksilver LEGO Minifigure

Introducing LEGO Quicksilver, the super speedy mutant teaming up with the other Avengers heroes in our Super Heroes Minifigures section.

LEGO Quicksilver

Born Pietro Maximoff, this mutant minifigure is the twin brother of Wanda, the Scarlet Witch (who he is very protective of).
Managing to free themselves from the control and influence of their father Magneto, who had recruited them by saving his sister, he becomes a force for good, fighting alongside Captain America, Iron Man and the rest of the team.

LEGO Quicksilver’s been known to come across a little snappy at times. With such extreme speed of body and mind, he has a tendency to grow somewhat impatient with everyone as they seem to generally operate in slow motion.

LEGO Quicksilver is causing quite a stir and is set to be incredibly popular, so you’d better act fast (pun intended!) to avoid missing out.

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1 May 2015

The Simpsons LEGO Minifigures Series 2

The Simpsons LEGO Minifigures are back with a whole new Series 2, featuring an awesome line up that includes Bartman, Comic Book Guy, Dr Hibbert and of course Homer in his Sunday best! So what more is in store in Series 2…?

LEGO Groundskeeper Willie

Born and bred in Kirkwall, Scotland, LEGO Groundskeeper Willie takes on the duty of looking after Springfield Elementary School. This can prove occasionally difficult for the somewhat angry Scotsman as fate has crossed his paths with Principal Skinner.

LEGO Mrs. Krabappel

After starting out her teaching career with great intentions and a Masters in education, things began to go not so according to plan for LEGO Mrs. Krabappel. She became a fourth grade teacher at Springfield Elementary who desperately wants to just find Mr Right. Which gives Bart an idea…

LEGO Julius Hibbert

Who better to fix the town's ailments than Springfield General Hospital’s most well known and distinguished doctor. LEGO Julius Hibbert treats all his patients with an unwavering sense of positivity (they’ll need it after hearing his prices).

LEGO Comic Book Guy

As Springfield’s resident comic geek and owner of the comic book store, what the LEGO Comic Book Guy doesn’t know about comic books, science fiction and pop culture just isn’t worth knowing!

LEGO Fallout Boy

Milhouse takes on the role of LEGO Fallout Boy, just a regular bookworm until his chance meeting with Radioactive Man’s alter-ego and playboy billionaire, Claude Kane, altered his destiny and giving him slightly super powers.

LEGO Professor Frink

Combine extremely brilliant with utterly bonkers and you’re somewhere in the region of LEGO Professor Frink, the college professor at Springfield Heights Institute of Technology. His inventions, inspite of his best intentions, sadly create more problems than they fix.


LEGO Waylon Smithers, Jr.

Continuing the legacy left for him by his father, LEGO Waylon Smithers Jr. was always destined for the role of personal assistant to Mr Burns. A Springfield executive with unwavering loyalty and unrequited friendship for his boss.

LEGO Patty Bouvier

A twin alongside Selma Bouvier and sister to Marge, LEGO Patty Bouvier works for the DMV and generally struggles to hide her dislike for Homer. Popular pastimes include chain smoking and hating relationships. 


LEGO Selma Bouvier

Twinned with Patricia (Patty) and the elder sister by a whopping two minutes, LEGO Selma Bouvier also works for the Department of Motor Vehicles. And while like her sister she despises Homer, she can occasionally be overcome by moderate compassion towards him.

LEGO Hans Moleman

Not exactly blessed with the best of luck, LEGO Hans Moleman’s mole-like size does nothing to prevent him going through life’s endless cycle of accidents. Fortunately for him, he’s endlessly unharmed too!

LEGO Martin Prince

As a challenger to Lisa’s crown of intelligence at Springfield Elementary, if he’s not playing the role of teachers pet, LEGO Martin Prince can often be found on the end of Nelson Muntz’s bullying antics.

LEGO Homer (Sunday Best)

Father to Bart, Lisa and Maggie, husband to Marge and arguably Springfield’s most flawed loved citizen, LEGO Homer scrubs up well surprising everyone in his Sunday best. 

LEGO Marge (Sunday Best)

The unmistakable blue beehive wearing Simpson, LEGO Marge on this occasion is featured in her Sunday Best. So she can bring some sort of order to the chaotic family house and look smart while doing it!

LEGO Bartman

From a desire to get a discount at a comic book convention, LEGO Bartman, Bart’s alter-ego was born. When Bart dons his mask and cape, his powers of climbing, gliding and skills with a grappling hook help him channel his growing need for revenge against the bullies and super villains of Springfield!

LEGO Lisa with Snowball II

Bart’s sister and studious member of the Simpsons (and Mensa), LEGO Lisa is seen here with Snowball II, the family cat named after Snowball I. Snowball II is not white unlike its predecessor and has no other snowball-like qualities.

LEGO Maggie with Santa’s Little Helper

The youngest member of the family LEGO Maggie plays with their greyhound dog, Santa’s Little Helper. A former racing and police dog, previously owned by Mr Burns.

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