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June 2012

29 June 2012

Team GB Olympic LEGO Minifigures are now avaiable!

Stage your very own Mini Olympics with Team GB LEGO Minifigures! Inspire the next generation of minifigures as the team run, leap and swim their way to gold medal glory! This series is sure to be hugely collectable and is a great way to celebrate the momentous event that is the 2012 Olympics.

We are excited to be one of the first to make these minifigures available to eager LEGO fans everywhere and of course you don’t need to take any chances on a mystery bag – just select the figures that you want and complete your collection without ending up with duplicates! Check out the full team here!

We will also have all of the figures separated into their awesome parts very soon, so if you’re just dying to get your hands on a new wrestling outfit or loads of gold medals for your minifigure champions then head on over to our minifigure accessories and parts sections!


LEGO Team GB Stealth Swimmer

LEGO Stealth Swimmer

Gliding though the water like a bullet, the Stealth Swimmer is miles ahead of his fellow competitors!

LEGO Team GB Relay Runner

LEGO Relay Runner

The Relay Runner is masterful at passing the baton between team mates and his super fast sprint means he always gets to the finish line first, winning gold for Team GB!

LEGO Team GB Judo Fighter

LEGO Judo Fighter

You wouldn’t want to stand between the Judo Fighter and an Olympic Gold medal; this martial art master can easily throw even the biggest minifigures with a simple flick of her shoulder!

LEGO Team GB Tactical Tennis Player

LEGO Tactical Tennis Player

The Tactical Tennis Player is always impeccably dressed in his tennis whites, dazzling his opponents as he powerfully hits his famous winning serve.

LEGO Team GB Wondrous Weightlifter

LEGO Wondrous Weightlifter

Minifigures travel from far and wide to see the amazing Wondrous Weightlifter in action as he lifts more LEGO weight than anyone could have imagined!

LEGO Team GB Horseback Rider

LEGO Horseback Rider

The Horseback Rider is never happier than when she’s soaring through the air on her trusty steed. Perfectly in tune with her horse, this minifigure is sure to gallop to victory for Team GB!

LEGO Team GB Agile Archer

LEGO Agile Archer

The Agile Archer is calm and focused on his target, pulling back his bow with trained accuracy. He’s determined not to miss when there is a gold medal at stake!

LEGO Team GB Brawny Boxer

LEGO Brawny Boxer

With his lucky blue boxing gloves the Brawny Boxer has all the confidence he needs to fight his way to the top. He’s an agile and formidable boxer, feared by his minifigure opponents!

LEGO Team GB Flexible Gymnast

LEGO Flexible Gymnast

The Flexible Gymnast has been training her whole life for this very moment and is an incredible fit and agile minifigure.



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28 June 2012

New LEGO Minifigure Brickforge Guns and Accessories!

It’s BrickForge time again!

There was much excited pushing and shoving in FireStar HQ when we saw the BrickForge products arriving and we definitely weren’t disappointed when we opened up the package. After an intensive photo session in our mini LEGO photography studio, we are excited to offer you a huge selection of new LEGO Minifigure compatible Headgear, Accessories and Weapons from BrickForge. Here’s just a snippet of the goodies we have for you to get your hands on...

BrickForge - Gears of War - Lancer Assault Rifle - Black

BrickForge - Gears of War - Lancer Assault Rifle - Black

We certainly wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of this gun in a Minifigure battle. With mega firing power and a lethal chainsaw bayonet, any minifigure holding this gun will definitely strike fear into his enemies!

BrickForge - Intergalactic 8-Gauge - Carbon

BrickForge - Intergalactic 8-Gauge - Carbon

Never find yourself in a sticky space battle situation again with an Intergalactic 8-Gauge. With immense firing power and the ability to shoot holes through enemy spacecraft, this is an essential gun for any space travelling minifigure.

BrickForge - Flamespitter - Black

BrickForge - Flamespitter - Black

This gun does exactly what it says on the tin; pull the trigger to unleash a terrifying stream of fire on your enemies and watch them run for the door!

BrickForge - Automag - Black

BrickForge - Automag - Black

With incredible accuracy for close range battles, an optics module to give you 4x zoom for long range enemies and a nifty flashlight for when it’s a bit gloomy, the Automag is an essential bit of weaponry for every minifigure.

BrickForge - Beret With Badge – Red

BrickForge - Beret with Badge - Red

Show your fellow minifigures who’s boss with a snazzy red Beret, complete with gold badge.

BrickForge - Apoc Mask

BrickForge Apoc Mask

Strike fear into everyone you meet with an Apoc Mask! Perfect for protecting yourself against radiation and other nasties if everything goes a bit pear shaped and you’ll be safe and sound as well as looking pretty cool.

BrickForge - Ballistic Mask

BrickForge - Ballistic Mask - Black

Any minifigure heading into a warzone needs to protect himself and that’s where the Ballistic Mask comes in. Perfect for protecting the face from explosions and shrapnel, this is a great addition to BrickForge tactical helmets.

BrickForge - Handcuffs – Carbon

BrickForge - Handcuffs - Carbon

Secure your prisoners with a pair of BrickForge Handcuffs and rest assured that they definitely aren’t going anywhere!

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