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June 2013

19 June 2013

The LEGO Movie

The LEGO Movie

The LEGO Movie Poster image

The LEGO movie is set for release in early 2014 and oozes awesomeness; Packed full of humour, celebrities and LEGO it’s a recipe for success and is sure to be a hit. The story is based on a case of mistaken identity, with a hapless construction minifigure called Emmet, voiced by Christ Pratt; being mistaken for a LEGO Master Builder that can save the world as they know it!


The film itself has been created using the latest and greatest CGI (Computer generated imagery) wizardry but stays as close to its real life LEGO counter parts, in the way the figures move and 'interact' with the LEGO scenery and characters around them. The same and much loved format seen in the LEGO console games. Combine all of this with an eye wateringly awesome cast, which includes; Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson, amongst many other much loved actors and actresses!

This is one film you won’t want to miss!



Cant view the trailer above? Click here to view the official LEGO Movie trailer.

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posted by FireStar Toys
5 June 2013

Its competition time! - June 2013

Win this amazing LEGO figu... where did he go?

CitizenBrick Commando figure

After a whirl wind competition back in May, we’re holding a new one, this time it’s; bigger, better and almost invisible!

We’re giving you the chance to win a premium, custom Pad printed LEGO minifigure from CitizenBrick. The Jungle Commando is one of their latest and greatest minifigures and features full 360 custom printing, making it one of the most detailed minifigures we have. It gets better though, there were only 500 of these figures made, making it more exclusive and rarer than Mr Gold and we’re giving away number 2 of 500!



You can view the product page for the figure here: //www.firestartoys.com/Shop/Custom-Design-Minifigures/Citizen-Brick/15345-Custom-Citizen-Brick-Mini-Figure-~-Jungle-Commando.html

How do I win this amazing prize?

It’s so simple to enter it you could do it with your eyes closed! (we may have slightly exaggerated, but it is a very simple process) Simply follow us on Twitter (twitter.com/firestartoys) and tweet the following message:

This LEGO minifigure from @Firestartoys is Totes AmazeBalls and you can win it! #FstAmazeBalls //ow.ly/lNzPV

Rules of entry:

-          You’ll need a twitter account and you must be currently following @firestartoys. If you’re successful in winning the competition, you’ll be contacted via Twitter Direct message for postal details. We only require this in order to send you your prize so don’t worry we won’t send you any unwanted mail.

-          You’ll need tweet the message as stated above (in red); with the link, @firestartoys account tag and hashtag (#FstAmazeBalls) intact, failure to keep the message intact may cause that entry to be excluded.

-          It’s arguable whether anyone really likes spam (we do!), but we know for sure that no one likes the internets alternative. So please only tweet/retweet the message once. We will only count one entry per person, so re-tweeting it or ‘spamming’ multiple times will not impact (negatively or positively) your chances of winning.

-          The closing date for entries is: 11:59pm (GMT) 30th June 2013, any entries tweeted passed this date and time may not be counted.

How do I know you’re not cheating?

We’ve travelled the interwebs to ensure we can provide our competitions in a fair and unbiased way and of course within accordance of Twitter rules. We’ve selected a trusted and independent company to gather entries and then randomly select the winner from those. There are (sadly) no hats or name picking here, it’s all done by digital number crunching monkeys! As you can see we’re pretty advanced and up with today’s technology here at Firestartoys. We won't share or pass on any of your details that you give to us, they simply gather data from twitter and the magical monkeys work from that. If you'd like to know more please refer to our privacy policy or get in contact with us.

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posted by FireStar Toys
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