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June 2015

8 June 2015

New Custom Print Additions from Firestar

We’ve been working uber-hard to develop new custom printed LEGO designs and have just added some brand new and exclusive minifigure accessories to our Custom Printed Accessories range. Some highlights include drinks, condiments, bio chem canisters, and various zombie torsos that look like they may have been exposed to some of that hazardous material. We said we’ve been working hard!

In our ongoing attempts to prevent minifigure dehydration (which is obviously a thing), we’ve added to our ever expanding range of custom printed LEGO drinks. This time we feature Costa coffee, our hot chocolate brick drink, Pepsi Cola brick and a finally, just to prove that good things really do come to those who wait, the worlds smallest pint of Guinness.


Costa coffee - for those minifigures that just can’t do without their caffeine fix.

Hot chocolate brick drink - the popular cocoa inspired tasty beverage.

Pepsi Cola Drink - check out our refreshing new Pepsi Cola offering.

Guinness - a perfectly poured brick. The popular Irish drink not only comes in pint size, it’s now available minifigure sized too!

Brikz Salad Cream - bringing some much needed tang to the table.

Brikz Yellow Mustard - the fiery British condiment still packs a punch even in its miniature form.

Brikz Tomato Ketchup - no minifigure table is complete without it. Great with 8x2 yellow bricks!

HP Sauce - the ever popular brown HP sauce is also now available.

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