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August 2011

26 August 2011

LEGO Mini Sets

Make your very own customised minifigure worlds with our Mini Sets! We’ve put together some really exciting ‘mini’ creations so that your LEGO minifigures will never get bored of the same old surroundings!

You can add extensions on to your existing sets with items such as the Castle Extension, Military Bunker, or, if your LEGO minifigures need some time out from their busy little lives, the Meditation Temple is the perfect place.

Castle Extension

Military Bunker

Meditation Temple

Make your creations exactly as you want them; add another floor with these Stairs, keep out unwanted visitors with some impressive Gates and catch unwitting passers by with this trapdoor!




We are particularly proud of this rather awesome music amplifier, a must for every loud music loving minifigure!



Everyone needs somewhere to sit and eat dinner, even LEGO figures, so we thought this dining table and chairs would be rather handy.

Every garden needs a fountain, and this one has the added bonus of offering eternal youth - something that’s always useful.

Our new Mini Sets have been instantly very popular, and we are regularly adding to the Mini Set section. There ae loads of other cool minisets to choose from and collect, so check them out!

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