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September 2010

13 September 2010

LEGO Collectable Minifigures - Series 1 & 2

There’s been a spring in our step since we introduced the Lego Minifigures Collectable Series 1, which just haven’t stopped flying off our virtual shelves. Being the nice guys we are here, we’ve made it frighteningly easy to now complete your collection of the 16 unique Lego Minifigures.

Rather than trying your luck of buying your figures from the “mystery” Lego Minifigure packs, you can now have your pick of whatever awesome figures are missing from your set. Each minifigure comes complete with a base plate as well as some of the most fantastic accessories around. .

Series 1 figures

LEGO minifigures series 1

Caveman – This prehistoric Caveman is one of the earliest recorded brick builders. Although not the sharpest of minds, his ability to communicate by grunts alone is pretty unusual, as is his willingness to club anything that moves.

Cheerleader – The Cheerleader’s enthusiasm is simply contagious and will have you cartwheeling around with her in no time at all, all to a soundtrack of, ‘Give me an L…’

Circus Clown – Never missing an opportunity to crack a joke, the Circus Clown will brighten up your day in an instance with those funny faces and endless practical jokes.

Cowboy – ‘Ride ‘em cowboy.’ Always ready for a showdown, the Cowboy is adept at shooting his way out of trouble as he travels from town to town.

Deap Sea Diver – More at home at sea than on land, the Deep Sea Diver has been exploring the deepest depths of the oceans for years. Often encountering rarely sighted fish, his tales of close encounters with sharks are truly chilling.

Demolition Dummy – Able to endure any kind of shock and impact, the Demolition Dummy has a habit of disassembling anything that catches his attention, which is most things.

Forestman – Armed with his dependable bow and arrow, the Forestman can take down targets from the furthest of distances - always a handy skill to have when there’s a damsel in desperate need of rescuing.

Magician – Prone to pulling rabbits out of his hat, the Magician needs only a good audience to amaze, astound and astonish with his repertoire of impossible tricks.

Ninja – Although yet to master the art of remaining hidden in the shadows, the somewhat clumsy Ninja perseveres and remains determined to perfect his back-flip.  

Nurse – Whether it’s a case of flu, a broken leg or an accident involving a collapsed tower of bricks, the devoted Nurse will have you patched you up in record time.

Robot – Programmed solely to build, the tough Robot excels at constructing the tallest, most complicated and extraordinary Lego buildings around.

Skater - Living life in the fast lane, the Skater can be found spending his time perfecting his array of breath-taking tricks and trying to impress anyone in sight.

Spaceman – Familiar with all sorts of alien creatures across the galaxy, the Spaceman is equipped with his Electro-Zapp blaster, perfect for defending his space ship from extra-terrestrial attack.

Super Wrestler – Rippling with muscle and keen to provide a spectacle, the Super Wrestler will make light work out of even the fiercest of opponents in the ring.

Tribal Hunter – Not content with his superb archery skills, the Tribal Hunter excels at tracking his often dangerous targets without ever being seen.

Zombie – Far from being the brightest of sparks, the Zombie can usually be found repeatedly bumping into any obstacles in his path with an entirely blank look on his face.

If you’re not content with that, you will certainly be interested in the highly anticipated Lego Minifigures Collectable Series 2 which has just landed. The complete set consists of another 16 achingly cool minifigures which have earned their place in our repertoire of amazing products.

Series 2 figures

LEGO minifigures series 2

Disco Dude – Complete with gigantic afro, Disco Dude’s loving the music and throwing some serious shapes on the dance floor.

Explorer – There are few corners of the globe that the Explorer hasn’t checked out but he’s constantly on the look out for new and exciting adventures.

Karate Master – An expert in the martial arts himself, the Karate Master is always keeping a well trained eye out for new promising talents to pass on his lightning-quick skills to.

Life Guard – As long as the Life Guard is on duty at the beach, people cannot help but feel safe in the waters with her around. With an uncanny ability to sense danger, swimmers can be secure in the knowledge that she is only too quick to respond to trouble.

Mexican Maraca Man – This guy sure knows how to party. The Mexican Maraca Man can guarantee to bring a smile to the faces of revellers with his catchy rhythms and colourful outfit.

Mime Artist – Always on the hunt for victims to make fun of, the Mime Artist never fails to draw cheers from the on looking crowds as he wriggles his hands about in his invisible box like only he can.

Pharaoh – Finding himself on display in a museum one day along way from Ancient Egypt, the mighty Pharaoh loves to inspire his visitors with tales of sphinxes, pyramids and hieroglyphics.

Pop Star – Touring the world in her pink limo, this bubbly Pop star has been dominating the charts like never before. Filling stadiums wherever she goes, she sends the crowd absolutely wild with her wacky dance moves.

Ringmaster – Feeling at home under the spotlight, the Ringmaster delights in putting on the most spectacular shows using all his experience and does a great job making sure his circus runs like clockwork.

Skier – Launching himself into the air like there’s no tomorrow, this chilled Skier may lack grace but he more than makes up for this in his determination to conquer the trickiest of slopes.

Spartan Warrior – A real fighting machine, the Spartan Warrior simply can’t get enough of the action. His battle cry puts fear into all men who here it and spends endless hours pumping iron to keep his body in top shape.

Surfer – Coasting the tallest and most dangerous waves around, the Surfer cuts an uber-relaxed figure on his trusty board as he makes light work out of staying upright in the most challenging conditions.

Traffic Cop – Charged with keeping the city safe, the Traffic Cop never fails to catch those speeding motorists.

Vampire – Residing in his gothic stone fortress, the Vampire is a lot friendlier once you get to know him. Never to be seen without his pet bat, his eagerness to throw a party is legendary.  

Weightlifter – Barely ever having to break a sweat, there are few things that the Weightlifter isn’t able to hoist over his head without making it look like he’s lifting a sack of feathers.

Witch – Known to be horribly mischievous, the Witch’s cackle can be heard miles away as she zips through the night on the back of her enchanted broomstick, casting spells that not everyone finds funny.

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