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28 March 2011

Fantastic Selection of LEGO Star Wars Sets!

Whilst we are very proud of the thousands of LEGO Minifigures and accessories we have here at Firestar, that’s not all we have jostling for space at the Firestar headquarters you know. Our LEGO sets section is rapidly expanding, and our shelves are now full to bursting with a wide variety of LEGO Star Wars sets, from rare collectables to the latest additions.

If your Clone Troopers are in need of some back up for the big war in the sky, bring in the reinforcements with the LEGO Clone Trooper Battle Pack, including the new ARF clone trooper, two bomb squad clone troopers and the new clone commander minifigure. They can now fly around the galaxy in the BARC Speeder and are fully equipped with guns to fight the Mandalorians.

Need to build an army to fend off those pesky Clone Troopers? Well, look no further than the LEGO Mandalorian Battle Pack, packed with heavy duty weapons and a Mandalorian Speeder. Aim at the sky with the Blaster Turret and blast those troopers out of the sky!

Re-live those freezing winter days with the LEGO Hoth Wampa Cave and spare a thought for poor Luke Skywalker who’s gone and got himself captured by the fearsome Wampa ice beast.

Help him use the force to grab his Lightsaber with the use of the gravity defying catapult function and get him to safety.

Zev Zenesca’s also on hand to rescue Luke and jet off in the Snowspeeder, which comes equipped with a very handy tow cable and hook.




After a bit more of a challenge? With 1,366 pieces, this LEGO Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer should keep you busy for a while!






An awesome addition to any Star Wars fan’s arsenal, this set includes a huge array of LEGO Minifigures to add to your collection including Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, Imperial Officer, Stormtroopers, Royal Guards, Imperial Astromech Droid, and Mouse Droid.

Open up the Starship to reveal the inner workings of the empire and peek at Darth Vader in his meditation chamber, or stare in wonder at the Emperor’s hologram. Packed with turbo cannons, an escape pod and loads of other exciting stuff, this LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer is a must for your collection.

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