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20 October 2017

NEW - SI-DAN And BrickWarriors Minifigure Parts

They say that violence is never the answer, unless of course you are building an awesome Army MOC. From BrickWarriors and SI-DAN We’ve got gas masks, British shakos, tactical vests, suspenders, guns, Flame thrower packs, and even chemical oil drums. I mean who doesn’t like a good ol’ explosive barrel? Looking to go a bit more Historical? Well take a trip to the past with these Viking, Sallet and Archer helmets. And whether the battle is lost or won, play the day away with our wonderful Brickwarriors lute. With these Spectacular SI-DAN and Brickwarriors parts, your Minifigure is sure to become an Army General in no time! 


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posted by FireStar Toys
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