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27 October 2017

NEW - Arealight Helmets

Have you got a rogue LEGO Minifigure that needs "taking care of"? Well it sounds like you need a Bounty Hunter! So why not hire one with style, using our brilliant new range of Arealight Hunter helmets. Even the legendary Boba Fett needs a costume change every once in a while! Plus we’ve also got Mando Carbines and Merc Pistols to match. Or prepare your Minfigure for battle with our brand new Mando and Storm Combat helmets, which of course wouldn’t be complete without a jet pack, or a Trooper rifle. And if you want to really pack some punch, how about blasting your way to victory with a handy little Havoc Cannon? To complete the look, why not try some of our shiny vambraces, the perfect tool for storing a little trick or two up your sleeve! Have a browse through our website for all of our Arealight Helmtes and parts; but don’t forget to send us a postcard, whilst you’re travelling through space!



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