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6 June 2018

NEW - Custom LEGO Minifigure Capes

Add a touch of style and class to your LEGO Minifigures with these colourful Custom LEGO Capes. Complete your LEGO Castle Minifigs with the Cross and Lion Pauldrons or Waist Capes. Or take a trip to Ancient Rome with our Custom Toga capes. How about a fancy Fur Cape, and bring your LEGO Minifigures back to Medieval times, with ultra soft fake fur! With hoods, collars, and all sorts of fantastic fabric parts in various colours and designs; you’re sure to find what you need to Customise your LEGO Minifigs. Check out more of our latest Custom LEGO Minifigure Capes to style your minifigures.

NEW - Custom LEGO Minifigure Capes NEW - Custom LEGO Minifigure Capes

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posted by FireStar Toys
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