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16 May 2011

Complete range of Arealight products now available at FireStar!

FireStar is proud to announce that we are now the official distributors of the fantastic Arealight range. We love Arealight’s products and are very excited to now be offering you the full range of colours and styles, including minifigure helmets, tentacle heads and accessories and curved torsos.

We have also made a few layout changes to our minifigure parts and accessories sections. Due to the enormous amount of items we have on the site now, we have split some sections out into brands to make it easier for you to track down those all important items you are after. We also have a whole category just for weapons, stuffed full of guns, swords, and shields galore! You will find the Arealight helmets, torsos and tentacle heads in their very own sections within Minifigure Parts.

Give your LEGO minifigures an other-worldly look with these Arealight Tentacle Heads! Available in loads of different colours, with face patterns or in plain, you can now create some unique looking monsters and aliens!


Add a bit of style to the tentacle heads with these specially designed accessories:

Medallion Coronet:



All parts are also available as transparent!



Keep the sun out of your Clone Troopers eyes with these Phase I Sun Visors:



And help them seek out the enemy with the Phase I Binocular Visors:


Finally your female minifigures can stand out from the crowd with these attention grabbing Curved Torsos, available in loads of different styles including dresses, bikinis and an awesome femtrooper outfit.


Outfit sorted? Grab yourself a Rocket Jet Pack and jet off to impress your minifigure friends!

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