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10 June 2011

New Brickarms Guns And Weapons Available

We just couldn’t resist being drawn to the new limited edition Chrome Silver Guns and Weapons from Brickarms. They are coated using a high-tech electroplating technique to add a real chrome metal finish, giving these already realistic looking weapons a whole new dimension!

The brand new range of Chrome Silver Brickarms guns and weapons is now available at FireStar Toys for your lucky LEGO Minifigures!

The ever popular AK Assault Rifle looks great in Chrome Silver:

The Gunblade becomes extra menacing!

HCSR - Chrome Silver:

Introducing the ultimate giant gun in minifigure proportions; the Brickarms Minigun!

Including a choice of end caps – choose from the flash suppressor or exposed barrels, three buildable ammo chain links, and a hugely imposing minigun body and barrel, this gun is simply a must have for your bravest LEGO Minifigures!


Another new addition to FireStar is the Brickarms Retro Raygun. The Retro Raygun has been designed with classic sci-fi films as inspiration, and is available in four futuristic colours, including:


Transparent Blue:


Brickarms’ brand new Tactical Swords are the ultimate sleek weapon for your minifigure assassins.  Their simple shape is designed to give them maximum precision and slashing power!

Available in Black, Bronze and Titanium:

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