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15 September 2011

BrickWarriors - New custom parts brand!

The wait is over, the first fantastic range of weapons and accessories from new custom brand BrickWarriors have arrived!

We have been eagerly awaiting the release of BrickWarriors custom parts here at FireStar, and they didn’t disappoint. Made from high quality ABS plastic, and fully compatible with LEGO and other brick brands, they offer some seriously cool weaponry, armour, helmets and accessories to build ultimate warriors from the past, present and future!

BrickWarriors parts have fantastic detailing and some really unique designs. We love the Steel colour of these futuristic guns, as it shows off their intricate detail and gives them a realistic metallic look.

Ground Dweller Battle Rifle

Impaler Assault Rifle

This Scimitar Sword has a decorative handle that gives the wielder of this sword a little elegance as well as lethal power!

Minotaur Head

Naturally, every Minotaur needs a Minotaur Axe...

The horns on this Horned Plate Armour act as a deterrent to your enemy as well as protecting you in battle, giving you a bit of space in which to fight them off!

Assassin Mask

Judging by the speed at which BrickWarriors items are flying off our shelves, we're sure this brand is going to be very popular! We can't wait to see what they have in store for the future and we bet it's going to be exciting!

Watch this space for new releases from BrickWarriors, as we always aim to bring you the biggest and best selection of Custom LEGO weapons and accessories as soon as they are released!

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