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24 February 2012

Customised Minifigure Service

Looking for more than one or two minifigures..?

Here at Firestar we offer a special service for individuals and companies looking for customised LEGO minifigures for projects such as marketing campaigns, corporate promotions and employee gifts.

We can print your company logo onto plain bibs that the minifigures wear and work with you to create unique customised LEGO Minifigures to your specifications for any project.

We are set up to handle orders on any scale, from small companies with a handful of staff, to organisations with thousands of employees and we provide a quick turnaround time.

Build your entire workforce from LEGO minifigures! There are thousands of different LEGO minifigure parts and accessories to choose from, and we will source the perfect parts to get your minifigures looking just right. You can customise each part of your minifigure to get them looking perfect, including everything from hair colour and glasses to facial expressions and hats. We can even team your figures with relevant accessories such as laptops and musical instruments!

Some of our recent clients include; 

Google UK

ITV Daybreak



Kiln Purchasing

BenBen Ltd

CAD Management Limited

Midton Acrylics

Ecclesiastical Insurance


Get in contact and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Give us a call on 0800 917 4431 or drop us an email; sales@firestartoys.com


Please note that the printed logos on the minifigures above have been blurred out due to a privacy policy.


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