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5 February 2013

Add a dash of Awesome to your marketing

It’s time to be as awesome as your customers!

Branded LEGO minifigures line up

You don’t need us to tell you all about the global economy to know times are tough. With increased competition and a decrease in general spending you need to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. The only way to do that is to be ‘Awesome!’ The only problem is, how? It’s not something that comes naturally to most and that’s why we’re here to help.

Help me be awesome!

Branded female LEGO minifigure sits holding a LEGO LaptopNo matter how hard you try or how much you have to spend, business cards just don’t have the ‘Wow factor’ that’s needed to leave an; awesome, lasting impression. Our Customisable Branded LEGO Mini figure service has the ‘Wow factor’ and it has it in droves.

BSI Business Systems Integration AG knew that to be awesome, they needed to approach an awesome company, so they got in contact with us! 

BSI have really jumped at the chance to customise their Mini figures with a range of accessories and facial expressions to give each figure a captivating personality that customers will love.

Their customised branded Mini figures were so successful and sought after, they’ve order more!

Branded LEGO minifigure partsSo… how awesome can I be?

We offer you true creative freedom, with no learning curve you literally just pick what you like from our range of thousands of faces, hairs, torso colours, leg colours and accessories. Sounds daunting and slightly gruesome but its Lego parts not human! Also, don’t forget we’re here to help.

If you want your mini figures to be an even split of male and female all with varying happy and playful expressions we can suggest the best parts for you, making the entire process simple, easy and fun. We can even break up your order and send it to the various places you need it.

You could even create your mini figures to resemble staff or customers and really engage with them in a fun and downright awesome way! Nothing says awesome like your own mini figure.

Why choose us?

It’s simple, we’re the world’s largest online mini figure store and we have some great partnerships to ensure that we can supply the best and most exclusive parts for you to choose from that no one else can.

We’ve been helping people and companies turn their interaction with customers from bland to awesome for years and have got some of the world’s best, most innovative and forward thinking companies as clients.

We can cater the service to exactly what you need, from just a few figures to thousands, split the figures into pairs or on their own, give them a range of different accessories or all the same! The only limit on how awesome you can be is your own imagination and creativity.

This service has now been moved to a new and dedicated website just for custom LEGO Mini figures, you can find it at Minifigures.com

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