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29 November 2010

We're not just nuts about LEGO!

Whilst we love to go nuts for all things LEGO related, the rumours that we sell heaps of other cool stuff are oh so true. We know a thing or two when it comes to toys here so take some time out from your busy lives and check out what’s hot at the moment as we bring you the lo-down on our favourite toys around:

Magic sets – It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or are already a master magician, there’s always another trick or two you can learn to impress you family and friends. Magic is massively entertaining and is a great way to keep you endlessly engaged. Practice and improve your tricks thanks to our great range of exciting magic sets.

 Magic at www.firestartoys.com

Nanodots – For the creative souls among you, have a look at what these crazy scientists have come up with this time. The sets are made out of spherical magnets that lock together in particular arrangements which allows for some really wacky creations. The Nanodots are a ton of fun and will meet the requirements of players of all skill levels. 

 Nanodots at www.firestartoys.com

Science Kits – When it comes to science, we love to bring you the coolest and most enjoyable science gear that’s around. For budding young minds, there really is something for everyone to get excited for. Science has never been so entertaining and is a great way to switch your brain on.

Science Kits at www.firestartoys.com

Scalextric – Discover the world of Slalextric and tear up the track like never before. Design your own track to include all the hairpin bends you can manage and step on the gas for an exhilarating experience. We have an impressive of range of fabulous looking cars you can choose from to give you the edge in the style stakes and we’re confident you’ll find our Lap Counter and Timer a great addition to your race track.Scalextric at www.firestartoys.com 

Hanayama Puzzles – Give your brain a work out with these striking puzzles. Covering the range of difficulty levels 1-6, these tricky puzzles are full of secrets that need unlocking. The Hanayama Puzzles always make the perfect gift and are a must for any puzzle enthusiasts.

 Hanayama Puzzles at www.firestartoys.com

Airfix – Gain your wings as you build some of the greatest planes to have ever flown our skies. The finished models look brilliant and never fail to provide a great sense of achievement. A good way to bring some history to life, Airfix has been enjoyed for generations and looks set to continue to thrill for a long time to come still.

 Airfix at www.firestartoys.com

Radio Control – Calling all Radio Control enthusiasts, our remarkable range covers everything from Cars, Cranes, Helicopters, Tanks and Boats. Pretty impressive right? We cater for everyone so if you’re just starting out or already a seasoned racer, there’s something in our collection that will definitely knock your socks off.

Radio Control at www.firestartoys.com

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