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10 September 2014

Exclusive custom printed minifigures from FireStar Toys!

Not content with simply bringing you the world’s most impressive selection of LEGO minifigures, parts and custom brands, the team at Firestar Toys have been busy creating our very own range of exclusive custom printed parts and minifigures!

Using top of the range printing techniques and brimming with awesome ideas, the designs are created and printed directly onto parts in our Firestar print studio, for a high quality, play resistant finish.

Check out the ever expanding range in our FST Custom Minifigures section.

So, enough of all the technical stuff and on the fun part! Here's a rundown of some of our TV and Film based Minifigures: 

To celebrate the arrival of the new Doctor Who, we have created the awesome 12th Doctor - Peter Capaldi minifigure, complete with trademark long coat and sonic screwdriver. You never know when you might need the help of a mini Time Lord, so get yours now!

Custom Design 12th Doctor Who Minifigure

Doctor Who


The Big Bang Theory meets LEGO minifigures = the perfect geeky combination! Inspired by the hugely popular TV show, we think these Big Bang Theory minifigures are too awesome to miss!

Custom Design Howard Wolobrikz Minifigure

Howard Wolobrikz

Custom Design Leonard Hofstadter Minifigure

Leonard Hofstadter

Custom Design Penny Minifigure


Custom Design Raj Minifigure


Custom Design Sheldon Cooper Minifigure

Sheldon Cooper


E.T is the inspiration for our short legged extra terrestrial minifigure. Complete with custom printed 'Speak and Spell' tile, E.T is a nostalgic tribute to everyone's favourite stranded alien!

Custom Design E.T Extra Terrestrial Minifigure

E.T Extra Terrestrial


Continuing with the space theme, we've created our very own Star Trek characters in minifigure form. The classic Starship Enterprise crew Kirk, Scotty, Spock and Sulu are available to collect and are ready to explore the LEGO galaxy!

Custom Design Kirk Minifigure


Custom Design Scotty Minifigure


Custom Design Spock Minifigure


Custom Design Sulu Minifigure



We're really excited to introduce our next custom minifigure, as we think he's pretty special. Featuring full 360 degree printing and with seriously intricate tattoo designs, Mr Inkcredible is a real showstopper of a mini fig! Plus, he has an awesome mohawk too, what more could you ask for!

Mr Inkcredible Minifigure

Mr Inkcredible


Some of our other minifigures include:

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury

General Lewis

General Lewis

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

PC Brick

PC Brick

Gamma Scientist

Gamma Scientist

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