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LEGO Animals

13 July 2018

NEW - LEGO Animals

LEGO Animals, can be cute and cuddly; others frightening and ferocious! Here at Firestartoys.com we’ve got over 300 different Animals for you to sink your claws into. From Prehistoric Predators like the T-rex, to Fictional Fiends such as the Zombie Shark! (Or at least I hope they’re Fictional!) Take your LEGO Minifigures on an Arctic adventure with the Mighty Mammoth and the Scary Saber Tooth Tiger! Or for something a little less intimidating, how about a Bouncy Bunny Rabbit? We also have a few of your Favourite Characters, such as Sven the Reindeer, Sebastian the Crab, or even Scooby Dooby Doo! Whatever you’re into, we’ve got the perfect companion for your LEGO Minifigs. Check out our full range of LEGO Animals to add to your collection

NEW - LEGO Animals

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