Kit out your minifigures for combat with BrickWarriors accessories

Founded in 2011, BrickWarriors has quickly become an eminent supplier of custom LEGO accessories to provide your minifigures with all the weaponry, gadgets and accessories they need to be ready for battle. If you’re the kind of LEGO collector who appreciates attention to detail, you’ll find plenty to love about LEGO BrickWarriors creations, with high-quality accessories that grant your minifigures another layer altogether. Browse our pick of must-haves from this popular supplier for everything from caps, hats and helmets to gas masks, grenades and much more besides.

Find LEGO compatible BrickWarriors accessories for every era of warfare

BrickWarriors embraces every epoch of history when it comes to designing must-have accessories for your minifigures. Make sure miniature knights have steel to hand with intricately detailed swords and shields or ensure Roman soldiers have authentically ancient weaponry to hand. You’ll find weaponry and accessories inspired by modern-day military arsenal and gear, with the likes of flame tank vests, automatic machine guns and much more on offer to help you bring a touch more realism to your contemporary combat scenes. What are you waiting for? Browse everything on offer from this brilliant supplier and stock up now.

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