LEGO Minifigures 71018 - Butterfly Girl

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LEGO Minifigures 71018 - Butterfly Girl 

Brighten up your sets with the Butterfly Girl Minifigure 

Expand your collection with this Butterfly Girl Minifigure from the Lego Series 17 line-up. This pint-sized personality will bring some essential variety to your haul of minifigures, with notable features including shorter legs, colourful clothing and super-cute facial features. You’ll also love the enchanting accessories that come with this must-have mini. Included are a pair of pink butterfly wings from which this figure takes its name, not to mention a brilliant bouquet of fuchsia flowers. This versatile Minifigure is an absolute must for LEGO enthusiasts, while the casual collector will appreciate being able to bolster their ranks of kid characters.  

Shop for Butterfly Girl and more Series 17 favourites 

Once you’ve welcomed this Butterfly Girl figure into the fold, you’ll wonder how your collection ever did without it. If you’re after more colourful characters to breathe new life into your Lego sets, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in our online assortment. Shop for more Minifigure must-haves from Series 17 and other classic collections today.

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