Minifigures - The LEGO Movie

Travel to Bricksburg, and join characters like The Special as you fight the evil corporations who threaten the safety of LEGO Citizens. Make sure that ‘everything is awesome’, and that everything stays awesome, by fighting your way through waves of Robo SWAT officers and other robots to defeat the evil Lord Business.

But, once you defeat the evil Lord Business, the battle isn’t over – as Bricksburg is now threatened by an all new force in the form of Sweet Mayhem and the evil creatures from the planet Duplo! Are they really that evil? Or do they just want to be loved just like everyone else? With our LEGO Movie Minifigures, you can decide!

Grab some of the most unique city characters, and build your own robotic empire, as you build your very own Bricksburg. Whether you love LEGO Space, LEGO Batman, or anything in-between, we are bound to have a minifigure for you. Check them out today!

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