Team GB Olympic Minifigures

The Olympics are an amazing event. Every time they come around, they bring whole nations together, propel athletes into the limelight, and encourage young people across the planet to engage with the best sports. The London 2012 Olympics brought the best and brightest of Olympic energy to the UK – with new parks opening in London, and a great legacy. LEGO decided to become a part of this legacy – releasing unique minifigures representing Team GB’s Gold Medalists.

Now, you can pick up some of the rarest minifigures to ever exist – highly sought after by minifigure collectors across the globe! Choose from the Flexible Gymnast or the Agile Archer. Pick the Tactical Tennis Player, or the amazing Stealth Swimmer! With great prints and incredibly unique flair, these are some of the greatest minifigures to ever be released.

Build your very own team of competitors for Team GB today, thanks to this fantastic range of Olympic Minifigures! Choose your competitor and pick your favourite sport today!

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