The LEGO Batman Movie Series 2

Gotham City is in very real, and very grave, danger with a vast assortment of super villains planning to destroy the city once and for all! With so many villains putting the city at risk, Gotham needs heroes and luckily there are more than just the Dark Knight this time thanks to the great range of friends who are joining him to defend the city!

With The LEGO Batman Movie Series 2, you can choose from an assortment of different characters who bring together the best of the DC and LEGO universes. There are great variants of main characters from the film available, alongside some more unique characters from licenses like The Flash and Superman - providing DC fans with a chance to get their hands on minifigures which may never see another release!

Save yourself the pain of feeling your way through blind bags, and choose your favourite characters right here instead! With the LEGO Batman Movie Series 2, the DC universe is more alive than ever before!

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