The Simpsons 2

The world of Springfield is so large, and is filled with so many different characters, that one trip to explore it simply isn’t enough! Luckily, with The LEGO Simpsons Series 2, we have another chance to dive into the weird and wonderful world of The Simpsons, adding even more of the most-popular and memorable characters from this long-running and beloved franchise to our collections.

Thanks to the second wave of the Simpsons line, fan favourite characters like Dr Hibbert, Comic Book Guy and Groundskeeper Willie can finally be added to fan’s collections! We even get some great variants of characters – like Homer in his smart suit, and Marge in her Sunday best! Plus, you can finally add Bartman and Fallout Boy to your collections – completing the iconic duo who protect Springfield from evil!

With this great second wave, you can add even more characters to your LEGO Simpsons collection – fully bringing the world of Springfield to life!

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