Custom Design Mini Figure - Little Friend

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Custom Design Mini Figure - Little Friend

Starting out as a ‘humble’ hitman in an attempt to get a Green Card, the Little Friend has big ambitions - to build an empire. Sadly, nothing‘s ever enough for him and his greed, lack of morals, and love for exterminating ‘pests’ have helped make him the prime target for the majority of mobsters and crime lords.

To help amass his empire we’ve given our Little Friend a ‘little friend’ of his own to take on any cockroaches that want to play rough. He’s also wearing a newly cleaned version of his iconic ‘finale’ suit. For all the good that will do him!


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Disclaimer: Please be aware that this product was created using custom designed artwork inspired by popular characters and is in no way affiliated or associated with copyrighted and trademarked products or brands.  

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