Custom Design Mini Figure - The Grim Reaper

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Custom Design Mini Figure - The Grim Reaper

Everything must come to an end one day, even the humble minifigure. If you need a guide to escort your broken and battered to the beyond, The Grim Reaper is the perfect choice. If they wish to stay amongst the new and shiny in your toybox, a challenge can be made. However, it is unlikely to make a difference as The Grim Reaper has never been bested.


The Grim Reaper comes with a brick-built scythe, a tattered and worn exclusive cape, and a spooky glow in the dark head so he’s easier to follow to the end.


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Disclaimer: Please be aware that this product was created using custom designed artwork inspired by popular characters and is in no way affiliated or associated with copyrighted and trademarked products or brands.  

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