Agents LEGO Minifigures

Whilst the Emergency Services personnel of LEGO City work hard to deal with criminals and accidents, there is a much darker underworld which is protected by a very thin line of people in freshly-pressed uniforms, equipped with highly-advanced technology. We are, of course, talk about LEGO Agents.

Our Agents LEGO Minifigures collect different LEGO Agents from both the Original Agents, and the Ultra Agents line. Want to add the original Agent, Agent Chase, to your collection? Now you can! Want to add the maniacal villain Gold Tooth to your gallery of super villains? Pick him up today! Want to the highly-advanced Agent Curtis Bolt to protect your LEGO City? Grab him now!

In the world of superheroes and supervillains, it is often the people in the shadows who protect the world from real evil. With the Agents from LEGO Agents and LEGO Ultra Agents, you can protect LEGO City, and crucially, you can do so in style!

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