Exo-Force LEGO Minifigures

Welcome to the world of Exo Force – where evil robots threaten the very survival of our species as the life of minifigures across the planet hangs in a fragile balance.

Offering the only resistance to this devastating, ever-present force, are the Exo-Force – an elite team of humans who use advanced technology to fight back and prevent dangerous technology which could end the war once and for all from falling into enemy hands. As a LEGO fan, these are some of the most unique minifigures to ever release – with great, vibrant pieces and torsos which really stand out!

We have an assortment of the main characters from the line in different colours, including characters like Takeshi and Ryo, who have the most uniquely coloured and designed hair pieces that LEGO have ever done! If you’re looking for something unique to add to your LEGO collection, then Exo-Force LEGO Minifigures may be the unique addition which you are looking to join your collection!

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