Star Wars LEGO Minifigures - Episode 8

The Republic is gone, and the galaxy has once again been pushed to the edge of a dangerous precipice. With the balance of good and evil in the balance, itís time for The Last Jedi to return. Now, you can bring him to your LEGO collections, with our great selection of LEGO Star Wars Minifigures from the film!

Not only do we have the titular Jedi himself (while stocks last), but we have a whole host of characters who can join him on this epic journey. You can stock up on the latest versions of the heroes from the Resistance, or you may choose to stock up on the newest troopers to form the ranks of the evil First Order.

Whatever youíre looking for, we have an assortment of different minifigures to help you immortalise this next step in the Star Wars story. Pick up your favourite minifigures and reclaim your place in the galaxy today!

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