Star Wars LEGO Minifigures - Rogue One

Before the Battle of Endor, and the destruction of the Death Star, and the discovery of a New Hope, there came a gritty, desperate battle to recover the very plans which would lead to the Rebels to victory. During this battle, there were casualties on all sides. Now, you can add some of the brave rebels and the evil imperials who took part in the battles of Rogue One to your very own LEGO collections!

Thereís lots to choose from. Build your very own Blue Squadron, and prepare a brand-new team of Rebel pilots to take the fight to the skies! Or, grow your very own Imperial Special Forces team, and deploy them to hunt and take down the most valuable of Rebels. Plus, donít forget the vast assortment of new droid variants who can populate your galaxy too!
Take the fight to the Beaches of Scarif in one of the most epic duals of all time, with our LEGO Rogue One Minifigures, available now.

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