LEGO Brick Arches

Every now and then, when you’re making a special project, you want to be able to add a little extra curvature and style to your build to create unique shapes which communicate certain types of architecture. Luckily, we have a great assortment of different elements stocked right here on Firestar Toys, empowering you to create the MOCs which you envision.

We have an assortment of great arch pieces in different sizes and different styles. Need a smaller-style arch piece to create a unique window? We have them. Need a larger bow element to help create a unique style in a wall or window? We have those pieces available too. We have an assortment of fantastic elements available for every situation, meaning you can create your own unique structures and builds as you envision them.

Look at the different parts we have available and build your very own dream creation today.

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