LEGO Crystals and Jewels

LEGO City’s jewellers and banks carry an assortment of exotic crystals and jewels in different colours and styles – providing the upper echelons of your LEGO City with the classiest accessories that they can find. Whether you’re looking for a small, handheld crystal, or a larger piece which will make the perfect decoration in your LEGO City home, we have some great pieces which you can choose from.

Our Crystals and Jewels provide the great accessories for an assortment of different minifigure scenarios. Have some LEGO City Crooks who need to get away with some loot? These accessories are perfect for that. Equally, have some LEGO Pirates who need to get their hands on the latest and greatest loot to fill their treasure chests? These are perfect!

Look at the great assortment of elements we have on offer and choose from your favourites today. You may be surprised at just how much variety there is to choose from!

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