LEGO Doors and Gates

What good is a LEGO building, or a LEGO wall, if there is no way for your minifigures to get through it without the use of explosives or something more dangerous? We asked ourselves the same question, and we decided that it wasn’t worth putting our dear minifigures in un-needed danger, so we have stocked an assortment of different doors and gate pieces which you can integrate into your LEGO builds.

Our LEGO Doors can be used in any building that you have in your LEGO City – providing you with the opportunity to create great looking buildings which have a high-level of functionality and accessibility. We also have fantastic gate pieces which can be used in an assortment of different scenarios – from LEGO City builds to futuristic Science-Fiction builds, all of which allow you to create fantastic MOCs.

Look at the great assortment of pieces we have on offer and choose from your favourites today.

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