BrickRaiders Minifigure Utilities

When it comes to undertaking a raid within LEGO City, few companies will provide you with a better choice of accessories than our friends at Brick Raiders. These guys have taken the LEGO world by storm – providing a vast array of unique accessories which you now can sink your teeth into and enjoy. It’s safe to say there is something for everyone.

Need more robust handcuffs than the traditional ones LEGO City Police Officers carry? Brick Raiders have you covered, with some heavy-duty handcuffs to lock up the worst LEGO Criminals. If you’re looking for something else, why not stack-up on Sandbags, allowing you to prepare LEGO City for everything from floods to battle? And, if those don’t take your fancy, then we’re sure you’ll love the greater Weapons Crates which BrickRaiders offer – complete with printed details.

Look at the great assortment of products on offer from BrickRaiders, and pick up your favourite pieces for your collection today!

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