Brickforge Minifigure Utilities

Every now and then your minifigures need to be outfitted with something which has been forged in a unique way – providing them with an accessory which speaks volumes. Luckily, our friends at BrickForge have been hard at work producing a vast assortment of accessories – covering everything from Shepherd Crook’s to walkie-talkies and everything in between.

Need a siren for your undercover police car? The BrickForge warning light is the perfect accessory. Need some assistance for your Ghost-Busting adventures? The Energy Meter will help you find the ghouls and get them in containment. With broken bottles, aluminium baseball bats, lead pipes, champagne glasses and much, much more, it is safe to say that BrickForge will have something for you.

Grab some of the best third-party accessories on the market, and deck your minifigures out with some of the coolest components they can get their hands on today. Just make sure that Champagne Glass has a Martini which is shaken, not stirred!

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