Custom Printed Packs

We know what it’s like when you see a couple of awesome elements, and want to be able to collect all of them without having to tediously click ‘add to cart’ for each product. So, we endeavoured to make your life easier – collecting our favourite custom printed LEGO elements in their own unique, custom-packaged blister packs so you can add an assortment of our great pieces to your collection in one easy package!

Looking to pick up some new drinks cans and bottles for your LEGO City displays? Our great Refreshment Pack has an assortment of our favourite pieces – including the ever popular Starblocks Brick! Alternatively, if you’re more into your sweet treats, then you can pick up our Chocolate Pack – providing you with an assortment of great sweet treats like Dairy Brick and Brikkat!

With so many great accessories in easy-to-purchase packs, you’re bound to find a host of great accessories that you never imagined stumbling upon! What are you waiting for? Pickup your favourite packs today.

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