Minifigure Instruments

When it comes to the world of LEGO, we’ve seen many different characters released with musical talents over the years. Now, with our assortment of Minifigure Instruments, every minifigure can be the next Rocketman!

Our Minifigure Instruments come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve got some fantastic official LEGO accessories, like the great Microphone and the beautifully sculpted pearl-gold saxophone. We’ve combined these with some great custom accessories from some of our favourite third party vendors, such as Drumsticks from BrickForge, and some super cool Medieval-themed accessories from our friends at BrickWarriors.

These, combined with some of our favourite custom mini-builds we have put together, such as our Large Amplifier and our Brickaha Grand Piano, allow you to choose the right instrument for the right occasion. Whether you’re building the next dream boy-band or just looking to outfit a busker on the streets of LEGO City, you’ll be sure to find the right music-inspired accessory right here!

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