Minifigure Sports Accessories

Living within the LEGO World isn’t all Superheroes, Velociraptor trainers and cops versus criminals! Occasionally, there are minifigures who prefer a different kind of ‘extreme’ adventure – and they often find that from the world of sports! Luckily, we’re on hand with our great assortment of different sports-themed accessories, meaning that your minifigures can live out the sports adventures of their dreams!

Do you know someone who enjoys being out on the open waves? We have a great assortment of different surfboard designs which your minifigures can choose from – including some awesome custom designs. Or, do your minifigures enjoy skateboarding? If so we have an assortment of LEGO skateboards to choose from! With hockey sticks, golf clubs and everything in between, you can bring the world of sports to life in your LEGO world.

Sprint straight into this great assortment of pieces and build the next athletic legends of the LEGO world today with the vast selection of pieces available.

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