SI-DAN Minifigure Utilities

When it comes to preparing for the world of LEGO Military, few of our partners understand this better than the awesome team at SI-DAN. Not only do they produce top-quality weapons, armour and helmets for your minifigures – but they produce an assortment of incredible, intricately-detailed utilities which can help set the scene in any tactical MOC or Toy Photograph.

Need to transport some Nuclear Waste safely? Check out SI-DANs plastic drums – complete with unique printed exteriors, and removable liquid interiors! Need to fortify a building inside the LEGO City? Grab a hold of some Sandbags and build the ultimate defensive wall. Whether you’re looking for a tactical carry case, a fuel can, a shipping container or something else, you can bet that SI-Dan have got you covered.

Look at some of our favourite minifigure accessories, and get your hands on your very own utilities today. Your LEGO Minifigures will be decked out for their next tactical mission in no time!

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