CombatBrick Bodywear

In the LEGO World, much like in the real world, everything isn’t always black and white. Sometimes there is a need for your minifigures to operate within a grey area, where Tier One Operators and Special Forces Commandos are needed to really deal with the dangers which face your LEGO City. Luckily, the amazing team at CombatBrick have an assortment of pieces which will let you build the best protectors for your LEGO worlds!

Packed full of intricate and realistic details, these high-quality military themed pieces are the perfect complement for any war-themed minifigure. Light tactical rigs like the Special Forces Plate Carrier Vest add real texture and dimension to your minifigures, whilst elements like the Juggernaut Disposal Suit can create minifigures which look and feel imposing and terrifying. Combine them with CombatBrick’s great headgear selection and you truly can make minifigures who everyone will fear.

So, what are you waiting for? Get loaded up and ready for combat today!

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