LEGO Minifigure Capes

When it comes to looking good in the minifigure world, nothing says trendy like a fantastic cape which captures the attention of all the other minifigures around! Luckily, we have a great assortment of LEGO Minifigure Capes in different sizes, colours and styles, meaning that you can create a character which is perfect for any situation!

Looking to create your own version of Batman or Batgirl? We have several fantastic, stylized capes in different colours so that you can create the perfect version of your favourite character! Need a King or Queen to rule over your LEGO Land? Nothing says regal royalty like a fantastic, vibrant cap complete with a fur collar! We have a great assortment of different elements, allowing you to create the perfect minifigure of your dreams.

Pick up the perfect cape, and create your own LEGO Minifigure today. Whether they are a superhero, a wizard, a vampire or anything in-between, you can bet that a cape will be the perfect final touch to create your dream minifigure!

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