Arealight Visors

Throughout the Star Wars films, we see Clone Troopers using a variety of different attachments on their helmets to get their jobs done. We got a small taste of these in the original Clone Wars sets we received, but Arealight decided to go above and beyond – providing us with a great assortment of futuristic elements to help complete the unique troopers in our collections.
Want to create your own version of Echo, from the popular Clone Wars Season 1 Episode ‘Rookies’? Now you can – thanks to the great Binocular Visor which will attach to a Phase I trooper helmet from the Clone Wars line. We also have an assortment of Sun Visors to help you create great commander minifigures, and even visors for Arealight’s own design Phase II Clone helmets too.

If you’re a Clone Wars fan I guarantee you will fall in love with Arealight’s offerings. So, what are you waiting for? Explore the great assortment of equipment available to Clone Troopers in the Grand Army of the Republic today!

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