BrickForge Headgear

If you’re looking to build the latest and greatest Science-Fiction characters, or some historically-accurate soldiers, then our friends over at BrickForge have you covered – with an assortment of great gear which covers all manners of generations, both past, present and future! With so many great elements, you’re bound to find something which will let you make your next minifigure creation.

Are you a fan of the videogame series Halo? BrickForge’s great Shock Trooper Helmets will let you create your very own LEGO ODSTs! Or, are you a fan of ancient figures – preferring figures from the Roman Era? The great Battle Helmet and Centurion Helmet will allow you to make your own unique historical characters! Those, combined with great World War 2 era caps, and helmets from every era in-between give you the power to make the minifigure of your dreams.

Explore the great assortment of BrickForge Headgear we stock today, and build your next custom LEGO creation!

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