CombatBrick Headgear

Our awesome friends at Combat Brick are another fantastic provider of custom LEGO Military pieces – providing you with an assortment of great elements to make modern-day special forces operators, and more traditional US Infantrymen with their traditional pot-style helmets! If you’re looking for something unique to complete your military minifigures, you’re bound to find it here.

Some of our personal favourites include the Boonie Hat – allowing you to create reconnaissance snipers, or your very own versions of a certain Captain Price! We also love the awesome Special Forces Helmet – allowing you to create a great Tier One operator appearance, especially when you combine the helmet with the great Quad Night Vision Goggles – letting you get a super tactical look!

Dive into our great assortment of headgear pieces from Combat Brick, and build your next LEGO soldier. Whether it’s World War 2 Infantry, or a US Navy SEAL, we want to see what you can come up with using some of the great headgear we have on offer!

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