FST Custom Design Headgear

Are you looking for some of the coolest and most unique customised LEGO Minifigure headgear around? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our incredibly talented team work hard to create new and exciting designs around the clock, so that you can add even more unique characters to your LEGO collection. Come on in, and look at some of the latest creations from the FST workshop.

Looking for some custom street-wear for your skaters and trend-setters of LEGO City? We have great New York Caps in different colours so you can make the most eye-catching minifigures. Or, if you’re looking to add new rebel pilots to your collection, we have an assortment of custom-printed Rebel Pilot Helmets, meaning you can add some unique new ‘rebel scum’ to your LEGO collections!

Looking for something else we don’t have on offer here? E-Mail sales@firestartoys.com today to see if we can help you create your dream piece of LEGO headgear! Your dream minifigure decoration could be a step away!

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